If you dialed 911 from your PBX phone RIGHT NOW  . . . .

Many times we don’t give a second thought to making a call to 911 from your PBX. But if you stop and think about it for a minute, do you dial 9-1-1?  Do you dial 9-9-1-1? Do you dial some other obscure number that goes to your internal security?
What about conveying the information about your location, both internally and externally to those that need to get to you?
And what if you can’t speak?

If you are like many others, your PBX may be a significant factor in not getting help to your location in a timely manner. Although simple in nature, 9-1-1 is often programmed incorrectly in Enterprise PBX systems. As we continue to collapse the network, E9-1-1 becomes more critical. Getting help to the right building, notifying local first responders that an incident is in progress, and providing Public Safety with critical information needs to be on your list of “To-Do’s” for 2012.

Next Generation 911 is right around the corner. Is your enterprise ready?

E911 Issues Enterprises Face Today IP technology makes user MOBILITY easy Nomadic and Remote Users are at RISK!

– Would you know if 911 was dialed in YOUR building?

– What have you done to limit liability exposure?

– E911 Solutions in the Enterprise are NOT just a box you buy and install. E911 Solutions are designed to mitigate your specific E911 issues. Contact Us for an E911 Risk Assessment Audit

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