Call Recording

Call Recording Solutions assist  increasing sales, reducing costs, and improving the customer experience.

Government and industry regulations—including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)—have prompted many contact centers to record and archive customer interactions. But full-time recording is only one part of the compliance recording challenge. Maintaining, storing, and retrieving recordings for sales verification, dispute resolution, and business intelligence are equally important.

Contact centers around the globe depend upon recording solutions for full-time and compliance recording.

Our recording solutions are designed for contact centers of all sizes, whether they use traditional time-division multiplex (TDM) recording or Internet protocol (IP) recording—or both.

  • Provides a reliable, scalable solution for full-time recording and compliance recording
  • Supports TDM recording, IP recording, recording in mixed telephony environments, and mobile phone recording
  • Captures, indexes, and quickly retrieves voice interactions and screen data—a key advantage for timely sales verification and dispute resolution
  • Supports thousands of channels and multiple sites centrally, with a single point of administration and open standards storage
  • Offers optional encryption functionality to facilitate compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)

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