Call Accounting

Call Accounting is important to many different businesses. Together with our partners, we deliver services that are effective and affordable. We are ready to provide you with the solutions to address compliance, call center performance, security and remote workforce supervision. We help management improve customer service, employee productivity, and ultimately increase the “bottom line”.
Some vertical markets that continue to find Call Accounting software critical to their businesses are: school systems and leading universities, insurance and banking, hospitals and government agencies, hotels and assisted living facilities, non-profits and retail, attorneys and just about any company looking to reduce costs.

Call Accounting software can do a number of things that include controlling telephone costs, increasing employee productivity, identifying fraudulent use of telephones, better managing personnel, allocating cost to various cost centers, and generating additional revenue.

Information can be collected very easily and reports can be generated at any time and categorized in various ways. Reports can be exported and retained for future analysis helping companies forecast for staffing purposes.

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