Unified Communications

Enterprises of all sizes depend on Unified Communications that improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service―and ultimately competitiveness. Unified Communications simplify the proliferation of technologies that businesses deal with every day. Our people-centric solutions integrate voice, video and data, enabling users to communicate and collaborate in real time, in the mode best suited to each interaction. This eliminates inefficiencies in communications to make organizations more productive and responsive.


Small-Midsized Solutions

We scale the same advanced communications that large enterprises use to suit the size and goals of organizations with anywhere from five to 1,000 employees.


Call Recording

Maintaining, storing, and retrieving recordings for sales verification, dispute resolution, and business intelligence for some companies are very important. Contact Centers around the globe depend upon recording solutions for compliance concerns. …More Info



With mobility solutions in place, important messages and information will always reach you via IM, email, conferencing, voice and click-to-call. Whatever the time or place, you’ll stay connected and productive with the same user interface across all devices— and offer your customers the same simplified way to reach you. We make mobility affordable, easy and productive whenever and wherever you need it.


Legacy Solutions

e.comm Technologies has been supporting Avaya Legacy equipment for over two decades. More than 1 Million of the Avaya Legacy systems were sold during that period of time. …More Info


Enterprise Solutions

The Avaya Aura® Solution for Large Enterprise helps businesses rapidly deploy and integrate communications media, including voice, video, messaging, and social networking. This solution enhances staff productivity and differentiates customer service, all while simplifying system management and lowering total cost of ownership with the ability to network thousands of endpoints throughout the business.


Contact Center

Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS) is the core contact center component that provides the intelligent routing capability for voice and multimedia contacts to route contacts to the most appropriated agent. A rich scripting language supports multifaceted call routing and treatment decisions based on combinations of real-time conditions.


Video Conferencing

Remote communication has become a way of life for today’s enterprises. Whether the goal is time to market, access to subject-matter experts, or efficient decision making, video conferencing is rapidly becoming the norm, and for good reason. It is a smarter, timelier, and more cost-effective approach than business travel. …More Info

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