Public Sector

e.comm Technologies has been implementing and supporting solutions in the Public Sector Market Space for over 25 years. e.comm was carefully selected to be on the Avaya State Contract supporting state, local governments and school districts throughout New Jersey bringing the ability to purchase product and services under one purchasing vehicle.

Creating a safe and secure environment is a critical imperative for all state entities. With great pride, we continue to consult with the public sector  recommending the right solutions that fit well within their budget constraints. Our ability to deliver with accuracy is by performing a thorough discovery of the customer’s needs. e.comm engineers design the proper solution followed by a team of  project management to implement the solution, and finally, our help desk and 7 X 24 team to support the solution.

The public sector is very dependent upon e.comm to help protect their investment by leveraging the systems they have in place today. The goal is to deliver the right integrated solutions that will enhance services, provide for community networking, provide true data security across the network and ensure continuity – keeping systems always up and running.


Our collaborative solutions allow institutions to reach out to students, parents or customers with timely, personalized, critical information.  Automation uses the institution’s own business systems to trigger automated outbound phone calls, emails, and other messages, not only in times of emergencies, but also on a day to day basis – keeping parents and teachers informed. Institutions can reduce costs, achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction, and improve operational efficiencies.

Together with Avaya solutions, we have helped improve the speed and accuracy of emergency responses, enhance situational awareness and support the timely delivery of emergency alerts. (Please refer to E911 section)

We help enable teachers, faculty and staff to be more responsive and available by providing them seamless communications from any device, any time and any place of their choosing. That means they can move about within the district or across campuses even other locations without getting out of reach or behind on messages. Staff and students benefit from improved responsiveness, enhanced ability to collaborate, and improved productivity.



Government on all levels are challenged today with trying to cut operational costs, reduce staff and still maintain high productivity and efficiencies. We have been able to protect original investments in many cases by upgrading systems and brining the latest in technology. With our “Buy Back” legacy program and our ability to truly understand what the customer is looking to achieve, we can provide the right solution that is cost effective.

Together with our partners, we have been able to bring turn key solutions that are affordable and help improve internal operations. These solutions help achieve higher levels of citizen satisfaction and most importantly, public safety.



Together with Avaya and our partners, we offer innovative ways to enhance administrative processes, provide mobility solutions to reach out to faculty, employees and care givers at the time of need, provide wireless solutions within institutions for immediate communication – together bringing the safety and security that patients require. For years, we have been recommending solutions that reduce healthcare costs, increase patient satisfaction by removing barriers that hold up hospital clinical processes, and improve internal efficiencies. Workforce automation has been key to simplify and automate patient care processes from prevention to treatment to post discharge follow up and home care.

In addition to solutions to enhance patient care, we offer innovative administration, operations, and marketing solutions designed to make healthcare organizations more responsive and efficient. The solutions help improve profitability while achieving or maintaining regulatory compliance.

Some of the key areas where we have achieved this is: Prevention, Pre-Admission, Treatment and On Going Care and Rehabilitation.

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