Structured Cabling


Proper cabling and connectivity is the backbone to all communications solutions. e.comm continues to perform all types of structured cabling for corporations of all sizes across the United States.

We install and troubleshoot Category 3, 5, 5E, 6 and fiber optic. We test and certify all of our cable installations for crosstalk issues, cable length, impedance, attenuation, loop resistance, capacitance, impulse noise and point to point noise. We also certify the wire to EIA/ TIA standards. We sell and install high-quality patch panels and inserts from leading manufacturers such as Hubbell, Leviton and Sprint, which add to both performance and professional appearance and longevity.

Our engineers and installation technicians are highly trained and take responsibility for the entire network project from the design phase to premise wiring to hardware installation and testing, network monitoring, tuning and management. The success of every project depends upon a well-defined scope of work and a meticulous project plan combined with superior workmanship. Our ultimate goal is to implement cost-effective products with a cabling solution that delivers both reliability and performance.


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