Project Management

Project Management

A good project plan begins with a complete discovery of all of the touch points for the project.

In a typical deployment project that includes configuration, installation and support, it is critical to the success of the project that we are diligent in gathering all the appropriate information and that we execute with 100% accuracy.

At e.comm, our emphasis on planning, executing, and controlling phases of a project life cycle. We utilize current software to achieve project goals and objectives and to develop timelines to assist us in reaching customer goals. We understand how complex and intricate all the details can be involved in deploying or migrating telecommunications and network solutions. Our well-documented and detailed processes, where we mutually agree on a statement of work, methods and procedures, ensure a streamlined transition. Through this comprehensive project management process, we provide:

  • A customized project plan that includes schedules and time frames
  • A dedicated project management team that operates as an extension of your organization
  • Proactive communications based on project milestones and checkpoints as predetermined by the customer
  • Planning that ensures the continuation of your daily business operations Complete migration and implementation of all your telecommunications and data services

e.comm Technologies is dedicated to the success of all your telecommunications services. We work around the clock to ensure your business communications meet your needs and business requirements.

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