Managed Print Services

How much printing does your company do? How much does all that printing actually cost the company? How much of that printing is unnecessary? Who manages your printing environment today? How would you like to save money by controlling your printing environment? What if we told you that you could implement a low cost solution that would allow you to answer all these questions and enable you to control the printing environment in your organization and save your company money?

Welcome to Rules Base Printing!!

At e.comm Technologies we look to bring solutions to our customers that will help them better manage their infrastructure while also reducing operating costs. Our Rules Based Printing application will benefit your organization both financially as well as operationally. You will be able to provide benefits to all areas of your organization.

End Users

  •  Provide end users information on the impact they have as individuals
  • Make users aware of the costs of their print jobs
  • Print from a mobile device
  • Find me printing
  • Hold/release for confidential documents

Financial Controllers

  • Provide detailed financial reports for cost allocation
  • Track and allocate those costs by department
  • Control printing costs
  • Quick ROI

System Administrators

  • Simple non-invasive installation
  • Driverless printing
  • Database integration for quick deployment
  • Full logging and reporting capabilities


We are ready to show you how this application can save your organization money and make you more efficient in the management of your printer infrastructure. Contact e.comm Technologies today to learn more about how Rules Based Printing could benefit your organization.

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