Data Center Design


Planning for the physical layout and design of the data center building space should include more than just the equipment room.

For example, areas for loading equipment, storage, and support personnel should be included in building space allocations to ensure that all space requirements of the data center are included in a high-level budget.

  • Environmental Considerations – gathering requirements
  • Allocating building space to support areas related to data center activity and functions
  • Planning for the physical space layout of the equipment room
  • Recommendations for allocating space in the data center building on an architectural level
  • Planning with IT Consultants
  • Incorporating structural cabling advisors
  • Creating a roadmap for renovations
  • Plans and estimates
  • Putting together a solid budget and finding the right expertise with e.comm
  • After build out, static free room clean
  • Energy Efficiency

Please refer to e.comm Energy Consulting for more detailed information on Energy Efficiency.

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