Is a Hosted PBX Right for Your Business?

In today’s competitive and recessionary marketplace, businesses of every size and in just about any industry are looking for more creative ways to not only reduce expenses, but also to increase employee productivity and efficiency.

These needs are amplified for businesses with multiple office locations and telecommuters. Technology has evolved to a stage where employees and business owners alike can work from just about anywhere. However, a dispersed workforce comes with some communication challenges. This strategy guide will explore how the voice and Internet needs of businesses with remote workers and/or more than one office location present a unique challenge; and what can be done to unify the communication needs of any business while achieving a better return on investment.

Phone Closets may be Obsolete:

Think about it. Buying a phone system or PBX is like buying a car. Just a few short years after the purchase of a premise based PBX, it is out of date and worth just pennies on the dollar. Customers, now more than ever, don’t want to waste their precious capital on hardware, software, and professional services.

Benefits to customers:

  • Very small upfront capital investment
  • Lower monthly phone bills – domestic calls across the U.S. are free and no limit
  • Customers can easily manage their own system.
  • Mobility – small businesses can now have large business features and functionality – full – PBX capabilities – all without maintenance or labor fees – Voice Mails and emails fully integrated so users can get everything in one place!
  • Customers can add more paths (dial tone)  very quickly and easily with the added   expense of having local carriers deploy technicians.
  • Burstable paths are an option for those who never want to “lose” a call or always have ability to make a call – always have additional dial tone available
  • Interoffice calls at no charge
  • Built in Conference Bridge

Most industry experts agree that the end is near for the business phone closet. It’s time for your business to partner with a Hosted PBX and VoIP provider who has the experience necessary to make you sound great while enabling your business to take advantage of the capabilities and cost savings of business quality VoIP. So finding a provider/solution who knows how to deliver the highest quality voice over a data network is key.

You’ll find no shortage of providers who say they do VoIP, or providers who resell a shrink wrapped Hosted PBX software package, but buyer beware. Not all Hosted PBX and VoIP providers are alike. If they lead with “fit your business into my system,” or low prices and a narrow feature set as their value proposition, you should run scared. Leading with quality and capabilities before cost savings is better for your business, and is a time-tested model for success.

With all that said, e.host pricing is extremely competitive, and our customers can attest to the great value that e.host solutions deliver every day.

Here is why e.host solutions are trusted by so many businesses:


At e.host we realize that quality means business. By delivering the highest quality service, e.host helps your business to sound great, and to grow and succeed without worrying about your communication systems. These are more than just words to our employees. Our quality focus has earned us an industry-leading customer retention rate, many customer referrals, and many other businesses and financial benefits.  All of which we invest right back into the business in order to earn your long-term trust.


We only use state of the art technologies and service providers, so your business is backed by the best-of-the-best the industry has to offer. We pay a premium for our network infrastructure and IP connectivity to deliver the best capabilities of any competing provider. We run our own Network Operation Centers (NOC) and Points of Presence (POP), and designed and developed our own customer portal software so that we can deliver the features and functions to help your business compete favorably.


While our focus is first on quality and capability, we also understand the need to offer competitive pricing. Every business demands the most value for the money, and e.host is completely focused on delivering the best value for our customers.

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