e.care Services

Warranty and Post Maintenance

e.comm provides Warranty and Post Maintenance support of both software and hardware. Issues are handled during normal business hours by dialing into our Help Desk at (973) 503-5858 or by creating an e.ticket. All emergencies are handled 7 X 24  with all calls answered by a live operator. Help Desk – the e.comm Help Desk is available during regular business hours helping customers with both programming and services issues.

Manufacturer Support

e.comm can assist customers with both software and hardware support. Support can include free system upgrades, remote monitoring and various service levels.

National and Global Coverage

e.comm is able to provide installation both nationally and globally through e.comm staffing, Avaya services and other partners who have aligned with e.comm Technologies over the years.

Emergency Response

e.comm provides 7 X 24 service and support. All calls are answered by a live operator and when appropriate, technicians are dispatched on site.

Professional Services

These services and specialty applications are offered through a host of certified partners along with e.comm Technologies.

Centralized Inventory Services

For those customers with multiple locations, e.comm will warehouse customer inventory in our depot center and re-ship product at appropriate time. Customers can also take advantage of our refurbishing and clean up before re-deployment.


Network Operating Center  – For More Information, please visit e.Care Managed Services from our Technical Resources Menu.

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