e.Care Managed Services

Today’s converged WAN supports many business critical application flows. The nature of real-time applications such as voice and video make them highly susceptible to congestion, latency and configuration errors. Assuring these applications are utilizing optimal QoS policy imperative.

Given the nature of distributed IP Networks, packets have the ability to traverse multiple paths based on source and destination. Until now, it has been impractical to automatically and proactively monitor the anticipated VoIP Quality within the perspective of the anticipated network path. ECARE Managed Services gives you necessary real-time visibility to proactively monitor anticipated end-to-end VoIP Quality within the proper perspective.


Leveraging real-time communications structure along with its distributed agent technology, a network operator can simultaneously experience QoS perspective from different reaches of their wide area network. This offering leverages synthetic transactions that mimic real traffic situations based on your corporate QoS design. Measure not only jitter, packet loss and latency for traffic types such as voice and video, but model different applications with varying QoS requirements.


When QoS is not being honored by the network infrastructure, perspective displays configuration mismatches and simultaneously broadcasts alarms to a dashboard in the

client premise as well as the e.comm NOC.


Key Benefits

  • Continuously verify diff-serv packet marking
  • Proactively Alarm and Notify on WAN/LAN outages or poor QoS
  • Spot partial MPLS cloud problems, using a meshed test approach
  • Use G-711, G-729, G-726, G-722wb synthetic voice transactions to simulate branch-to-branch or branch-to- office calling
  • Model data applications which require QoS
  • Always on test for QoS metric settings
  • Match “sent” versus “received” QoS packets between CMP Distributed Agents to instantly highlight and alarm on QoS changes
  • Centrally view real-time and historical measurements
  • Central administration of synthetic transactions sessions


No longer will you be faced with multiple vendor finger pointing issues at each other. ECARE Managed Services from e.comm Technologies will help determine and work with vendors to ensure the issues are isolated and ultimately rectified.

Having the dashboard reports will enable issues to be isolated to the problematic hardware device on the network (internal or external) that is the root cause. These reports can and will be shared with all vendors as to ensure the problem received the urgency it deserves.  The ECARE NOC is engaged as soon as the real-time dashboard shows evidence of a possible matter of concern.

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