Avaya Networking Solutions

Traditional general purpose networks were not designed in consideration of today’s mobile and diverse workforce. The common methods of improving the network to meet today’s demands can actually complicate existing network problems, leading to a higher network TCO.

To help ensure that your enterprise has a fit-for-purpose network, rather than a general purpose network, Avaya designs data solutions that address three key requirements: resiliency, efficiency, and scalability.

Avaya allows enterprises to build networks that are always-on, providing up to seven times better resiliency. Resiliency is achieved by Switch Clustering technology that more effectively manages routine maintenance operations. Also, failures are better managed because failures are disconnected without any loss of overall application availability.

Our solutions are up to 40% more energy efficient. This efficiency is attained by consolidating services—leveraging solutions that require fewer devices. Reducing the amount of power used to run equipment and consolidating management systems also contributes to increased levels of efficiency.

Avaya Networking solutions and products are scalable, providing up to 20 times better performance than other market leaders. Designed for future readiness, the solutions leverage a variety of innovative technologies to effectively scale as business demands evolve and grow.

This increased reliability, efficiency and scalability ultimately translates to lower capital and operating costs while delivering a competitive advantage for enterprises operating in today’s more distributed, collaborative environment.


Avaya Data Technology

Avaya drives to improve the leading product offerings in the industry. This means you can depend on Avaya to be at the forefront of design, security, and efficiency.

Ethernet Switches

Our core Ethernet switches are at the heart of our networks. The use of horizontal stacking and switch clustering lead to lower power consumption. Our field-proven ability to produce networks with fewer complex elements helps ensure the highest levels of performance. Avaya’s Ethernet switching products employing Flexible Advanced Stacking Technology (FAST) have been refreshed and enhanced to provide even more resiliency and flexibility.

Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture

Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture, or Avaya VENA, allows organizations to more easily optimize business applications and service deployments in and between data centers and campuses.

Branch Routers

Branch routers help you remove the complexity of multi-location networks, integrating your enterprise branch communications. Avaya Branch Routers deliver four to five times the reliability and twice the performance over the market leader.

Wireless Networks

Our Wireless LAN 8100 Series combines the latest 802.11n wireless standard with a new and truly unified wireless/wired architecture that delivers wired performance to wireless users at a lower total cost.

Access Control

Access Control products from Avaya provide end-to-end integrated security and are deployable into virtually any existing environment. These products offer health scans that are integrated into LAN, WLAN, and VPN infrastructures.

Network Management

Avaya Network Management products provide comprehensive management capabilities across voice, data, and multimedia applications, providing a fully integrated, single point of contact that provides a unified view of the network, while streamlining workflow and reducing operations and maintenance costs.

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