About Us

e.comm Technologies has been a leading provider of converged communications providing best in class voice and data solutions to companies of all sizes both nationally and globally for over two decades. A privately held corporation, Susan Kolsby, president and CEO, continues to grow the organization year after year by building strong  relationships with clients and manufacturers. Our service offerings extend well beyond core products and services. Customers are looking for integrated solutions for business efficiencies, for security in future growth and technology, an ROI (Return on Investment), as well as a company that they can count on and trust. e.comm has aligned itself with the top tier technology manufacturers who can offer the right solutions, the right support and the right pricing structure to support today’s ever changing technology.

Avaya, one of e.comm’s largest partners, has presented e.comm with the Customer Service Excellence Award for each consecutive year since inception. e.comm Technologies remains very focused on delivering superior customer care. Employees at e.comm carry many years of communications related industry expertise which customers have grown to depend upon and trust to help their business flourish and grow. As a result, e.comm has hundreds of customers in all types of vertical markets and continues to be a leader in government and healthcare solutions, to name a few.

Through our professional and managed service offerings, e.comm has a solid reputation as nationwide provider of end–to–end communications solutions.


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